Mobile HyperChem Release 1.0

(Currently Discontinued)

Mobile HyperChem is an Apple App for iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads.  It is available only from the Apple App Store.  It offers a subset of Professional HyperChem.

Mobile HyperChem currently comes in two varieties - Mobile HyperChem Free and Mobile HyperChem Level 1.  It is expected that future versions - Level 2, etc. will add features as time goes on.

The Free Version is a relatively limited version of Mobile HyperChem that allows no calculations nor any interaction with the internet.   It is a "local" product that allows you to draw and create molecules yourself and manipulate  them on the mobile device. Molecules can be saved as required on the mobile device's file system.  The Free Version includes HyperChem's famous Model Builder along with multiple molecular renderings that can be zoomed, rotated, translated, etc.  Selection allows exploration of structural features.

The Level 1 Version allows computation, limited only by the features of Professional HyperChem via scripts and the sending and receiving of molecules over the internet to Professional HyperChem.  For example, one can create a molecule on the device, send it to Professional HyperChem with a script to optimize the structure and return the optimized structure back to the device for exploration of its optimized structure.  One can also retrieve a log file to examine details of the remote calculation. 

The Level 1 Version of Mobile HyperChem interacts only with a Personal Server (PS) that is a version of Professional HyperChem for Windows.  The HyperChem PS is a normal version of HyperChem but must be a Windows version and must be Release 8.0.9 or later.  Only a single mobile device can be logged onto the PS at any one time.  The 8.0.9 (or later) Release  of HyperChem for Windows allows you to set it into PS mode at a particular IP address with a specific login ID and Password.  For educational use it is also possible to limit the scripts that the PS will accept from a mobile device.  There is in principle no limitation on accessing the PS from any mobile device, although some installations of HyperChem for Windows may restrict internet access to HyperChem according to local security precautions.

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