New HyperChem 8.0.6 Release Available

A new maintenance update of HyperChem 8.0 Professional is now available. 

Only a minor improvement over 8.0.5, this release fixes a bug in particle-in-box calculations and problems in sometimes displaying aromatic bonds.  A free download of the new release is now available.  The previous update, Release 8.0.5, featured mainly graphics improvements over 8.0.4. 

HyperProtein Release 1.0 Now Shipping

The latest product from Hypercube, Inc. is now available in its final Release 1.0 form.  

Our new product combining bioinformatics and molecular modeling is here!  


HyperProtein has a multi-window, multi-functional, project, and GUI approach to protein sequences. It creates multi-sequence alignments, phylogenetic trees and models molecular evolution. It enables studies of the relationship between protein sequence and protein structure.


New Site Licensing

Starting September 1, 2007, Hypercube, Inc. introduces new attractive Site Licensing.

Designed mainly for colleges and universities, these site licenses allow unlimited copies of HyperChem to reside on a campus network.  Licensing is simple and universal.  HyperChem can be made available to every student and faculty member.  Pricing is aggressive.  Annual or Permanent licenses can be purchased.  Call us to discuss your school.




Welcome to Hypercube, Inc.

Linux HyperChem

HyperChem for Linux is Here!

A Beta release of our latest product, HyperChem for Linux,  is now available for download.  HyperChem is supporting Linux with new Client-Server options.  Now any of Windows, Mac, or Linux clients can farm out computations to Linux servers.  Linux Clusters are coming! Read all about it here.



Enjoy our New Look and Feel

Hypercube is pleased to introduce a new design for its web site.  Hopefully you will find it a considerable improvement.  We expect it will be easier for our customers and friends to both finds things and to interact more directly with us.

Send comments to us if you find errors or have suggestions for further improvements.

Since this new site is still somewhat under construction, we will keep our old site active for a short period of time.  It is available at 

HyperChem for Mac

Hypercube is pleased to announce a new release of its Mac Product.  It is Available free to existing customers of the 2006 Product.  The new release is HyperChem for Mac 2007. It is a very rich product that was built from scratch for OSX and offers most of the features of our long-standing Windows product including some from the new Release 8 of the Windows product - as Undo, Rendering of POINT, LINE, and PLANE, and additions to the model builder.

The current product is available for all Macs - either those based on the PowerPC processor that Apple has traditionally used or the new Intel Macs. These include the Mac mini, iMac, iBook, PowerBook, and Power Mac.

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