Features of Mobile HyperChem


Mobile HyperChem Free Features


  • Draw any atoms and/or bonds involving H, C, N, O, F, P, S, and Cl.
  • Single, double, triple, and aromatic bonds.

  • Model builder to create 3D structure.

  • Render as sticks, ball and stick, ball and cylinder, overlapping CPK spheres or tubes.

  • Rotation, translation, and zooming of structure (using only finger gestures).

  • Selection to explore bond lengths, bond angles, and bond torsions.

  • Internal rotation of side chains.

  • Alignment along axes and translation of selected atoms.

  • Saving and restoring of molecules from local storage.

  • Local help file as well as wireless acess to help at HyperChem Site.

Mobile HyperChem Level 1 Features


  • All features of Free Version.
  • Requires access to a copy HyperChem for Windows 8.0.9 (or later) for additional capability.
  • Wireless login to HyperChem (with password) at any IP address where HyperChem resides.
  • Simple setup of HyperChem to act as Personal Server (PS) at its current IP address.
  • Send any script to PS for execution - such as optimization, calculation of vibrations, energy, etc.
  • Transfer results (structure or log files) back to mobile device from HyperChem PS.
  • Create and save scripts locally on mobile device.  One button execution of any script.
  • Save computational result files from PS onto mobile device for later perusal.
  • PS can restrict scripts to specific computation with specific log files for educational use.
  • Restricted to a single connected user at a time.  User must disconnect to free PS for next user. 
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