Differences Between Pocket HyperChem and HyperChem Professional


The Pocket HyperChem software has only one general molecular-mechanics method (MM ) and lacks other molecular mechanics force fields, which are specialized for biological macromolecules, available in HyperChem. Pocket HyperChem does quantum mechanics calculations only with the Extended Huckel method (which does only single-point calculations), but it has an extended parameter set to cover the entire periodic table except for the actinides and lanthanides.

The Pocket HyperChem software cannot be operated by scripts or external software links as the regular version can; it does not allow DDE links and therefore will not work with ChemPlus. Pocket HyperChem can not save a picture as a bitmap or metafile to a file or to the Windows Clipboard. The Pocket HyperChem software can read any .HIN file processed by a regular version of HyperChem. Pocket HyperChem only reads and writes files in .HIN file format, unlike the regular version which reads a variety of file formats. Other software (including, of course, the regular version of HyperChem) can be used to translate other file formats to .HIN file format for Pocket HyperChem to read.  Pocket HyperChem does not perform any Ab Initio calculations, nor are Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo or other statistical mechanical procedures available.  Certain specific functionalities, such as peptide and nucleic acid builders, are missing.



Requirements for the PC  (necessary for loading the software onto the handheld device)

  • Intel Pentium or later processor
  • Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP
  • CD drive
  • Connection to the Pocket PC


Requirements for the Handheld Device

  • Windows Mobile™ 6.5

Email support@hyper.com to confirm compatibility with your handheld device.

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