HyperProtein 1.0 Now Available!


An Evaluation Copy of HyperProtein Release 1.0 is available for download. The current build is the shipping product (Release 1.0). This evaluation copy is a fully functional copy of HyperProtein Release 1.0 with no restrictions but with a time-limited license. The license that we will issue you allows you to run the program for 10 days. This ought to allow you to fully explore and evaluate HyperProtein Release 1.0. Please read this page for information on how to download and install your free software.

The current documentation is limited to electronic form. Please download and use the electronic HyperProtein Manual, including video tutorials, in place of written manuals. The video tutorials describe the bioinformatics components of HyperProtein. The Modeling Tutorials describe the molecular modeling components of HyperProtein - i.e. similar functionality to that includedin HyperChem.

Help Us By Reporting Bugs and Requesting New Features!

If you have any problems with this Evaluation, please let us know! Also, we are interested in knowing features that you think we might add to HyperProtein. Explore other portions of the Support Section of this site or e-mail us at techsupport@hypercubeusa.com.

Download Your Copy

Follow the links at the bottom of this page to download your free evauation copy of the product and electronic documentation.


What Version am I Getting?

Hypercube, Inc. may regularly update this evaluation copy to reflect bug fixes and certain changes in functionality. The current download is Release 1.0.0 of HyperProtein Release 1.0. The best way to determine which release you have is to look in the About... Box.  Regular free Maintenance Updates will be numbered 1.0.1, 1.0.2, etc. 

Installing Your Copy

The HyperProtein Release 1.0 download is a zip file of a self-extracting executable that will install the evaluation copy of HyperProtein. This evaluation copy of HyperProtein Release 1.0 will install and run under Windows XP and Vista.

Having begun the installation process, the options you will need to make will be "standalone" and then "software-license". Once this is done you will need to use the serial number of 15-100-1501799999.

Having completed the installation process, you will need to execute HyperProtein to invoke the "Client Activator" and then select the "Activate Now" button. You will then see a locking code on the screen (e.g. something like 4-123AB). E-mail the locking code and the serial number to license@hypercubeusa.com with a request for a temporary evaluation license. We will respond by sending you a license file (*.lic) that you can use to activate HyperProtein. Place the *.lic file from your e-mail somewhere onto your computer where you can find it. Execute HyperProtein again and this time when you select the "Activate Now" button, click on the lower right-hand corner to bring up a dialog box where you navigate to the *.lic file on your computer and read it in. Having read the license file, you should now be able to use HyperProtein for the evaluation testing period.

NOTE: You will not receive an evaluation license for anything other than a software-licensed standalone version.  The hardware-lock version, the networking versions, the site-license versions, etc. are identical in capability to the evaluation copy.  Contact Hypercube, Inc.  for specifics about these other versions of HyperProtein



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HyperProtein 1.0 Installer

HyperProtein 1.0 Protein Manual

HyperProtein 1.0 Modeling Tutorials
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