HyperChem for Linux

(Currently Discontinued)
HyperChem for Linux

HyperChem, Inc. is proud to introduce its newest product, HyperChem for Linux.  It joins HyperChem for Windows, HyperChem for Mac, and Pocket HyperChem as versions of HyperChem that span the full range of machines from Servers to Mobile Devices. 

While each product has its own characteristics and is native to the specific platform, they all enjoy the full functionality and ease of use that HyperChem brings to Molecular Modeling.  The new Linux product is not just a simple port of our other products but is built from scratch to enjoy all the characteristics of the native Linux environment.  Thus, it uses the Gtk+ graphical interface that users of Gnome will recognize.  It incorporates industry standard OpenGL graphics to bring sophisaticated 3D rendering to molecules, orbitals, electrostatic potenials, etc.  It will grow as Linux grows in completeness and sophistication.

The new Linux product is part of a Client-Server offering from HyperChem, Inc.  That is, this new product as well as the Windows and Mac products not only have their own number crunching back-end engines but can now communicate and use a new set of Linux back ends that reside out on the network somewhere as a resource on a server.  By simply changing a radio button in a dialog box, one can switch from computing locally on the client machine to computing on a faster, bigger server out on the network somewhere.

The new remote Linux back-ends will eventually support parallel computing and Linux clusters.  For the moment they are still serial but run on any Intel or AMD Linux computer. The new Linux version of HyperChem is a step in the direction of High Performance  computing while retaining the ease of use and graphical user interface of traditional HyperChem.


Screenshot1 of Linux
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