HyperChem for the Intel Mac 4.0

(Currently Discontinued)

Hypercube is proud to introduct the newest member of our HyperChem Family, HyperChem for the Intel Mac 4.0.  This new release has many additional features over the previous Release 3.3.  While HyperChem has been a predominantly PC and windows program, we are proud to have a fully-native intel version for the Apple machines using Intel Processors.  The Intel version has fast and beautiful graphics that are an ideal desktop for HyperChem.  The Intel Macs are considerably faster than the older Power PC machines.  For example, we find that ab initio 6-31g** calculations running "off the disk" are more many times faster on an Intel iMac compared to the older G4 iMac.  Semi-empirical calculations, running out of memory, are even faster - up to an order of magnitude faster in going from the G4 iMac to the Intel Mac.

This version of HyperChem has most of the features of the Windows 8.0 version except the the external modules such as HyperNMR, HyperData, etc.  These modules are built in Visual Basic and do not translate well to the Mac.  In addition, certain capabilities, like annotations, are unavailable.  A full description of the differences is available on the menu to the left.

Screenshot of the new Intel Mac
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