Evaluation for HyperChem Lite 3.0


This evaluation copy will allow you to explore and evaluate our core molecular modeling product. Please read this page for information on how to install your free software. The evaluation is quite short but licenses are available for as little as $1.95.  HyperChem Lite uses dynamic, flexible licensing that is embedded in the product such that one does not leave the product while one purchases a new incremental license.

The HyperChem Documentation is included in the Evaluation download as PDF (Portable Document Format) files and may be viewed with Adobe's Acrobat Reader.



The HyperChem Lite Evaluation download is a zip file that contains a self-extracting executable that will install the time-limited evaluation copy of HyperChem Lite. This evaluation copy of HyperChem Lite will install and run under Windows XP, Vista, Win7, or Win8. Run the Lite30.EXE program inside the zip file, the name of which may also denote the source of the EXE file, eg. Hypercube. You may have obtained your copy from a dealer or other source in which case the EXE file might be named Lite30-dealername.EXE or something like that.  This EXE file will run the HyperChem Lite Evaluation setup. Once the program has been installed onto your PC, you will be able to use it for a quite short evaluation period after which you will be taken to a web site to purchase a license for a flexible period of a day, month, year, etc. A license starts at $1.95.


The pricing is as follows:

                                        1 Day -------------   $1.95

                                        1 Week ----------    $4.95

                                        1 Month ---------    $9.95

                                        3 Months -------   $19.95

                                        1 Year ----------    $49.95

                                        Permanent ----    $69.95


NOTE: HyperChem Lite is a subset of Professional HyperChem.  It may be desirable to explore Professional HyperChem video tutorials as one way of learning to use HyperChem Lite.  This Evaluation version does not currently include these tutorials. Please contact sales@hyper.com for a copy of the HyperChem Lite 3.0 CD with tutorials, if required.

Download HyperChem Lite 3.01 Evaluation

[filename: HCLite301_Hypercube.zip]

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