A message from HyperCube' President




Dear Readers:

Hypercube, Inc. is very pleased to bring you a new journal, HyperNews. The world is changing very rapidly - in many different ways. In particular, communication among scientists has been forever changed by the advent of e-mail, the world wide web, and electronic journals. Hypercube, as a scientific software developer, is taking a first step along a new path by bringing you HyperNews. We hope this new journal fills a gap. We expect to learn a lot as you, our readers, tell us what you like about HyperNews, in the same way that we learn from what you tell us about our software.

HyperNews is driven by the need to enhance the communication between ourselves and the users of our software, between a user of our software and other users having common technical and scientific interests, and between all of us and those who now are making serious use of commercial molecular modeling software packages, whether these packages come from Hypercube or other developers.

As scientists, we all benefit from enhanced communication. I am very pleased that Piotr Paneth has agreed to be the editor of HyperNews. Piotr and our other friends in Poland have a great deal of talent and energy to contribute to the world of molecular modeling and we expect HyperNews to be something that we will be very proud to be associated with. The world is becoming smaller every day and working as easily with scientists on the other side of the globe as those next door is part of what HyperNews is all about. Initially, HyperNews will be made available in hard copy as well as on various WWW sites such as our own, http://www.hyper.com. Ultimately, the future of HyperNews is in the hands of you, our readers.

Dr. Neil S. Ostlund
President & CEO
Hypercube Inc.

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