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February 1, 1998

Gainesville, Florida - Hypercube, Inc., developers of the popular PC-based molecular modeling software package, HyperChemâ , today announced the release of HyperChem 5.1 and a repositioning of its HyperChem line of products to include a more affordable version of HyperChem called Hyperchem Standard. This new lineup of products is designed to better fill each of the markets for PC-based molecular modeling. Release 5.1 also includes a number of enhancements in functionality over earlier Release 5.0. In particular, Release 5.1 adds new MNDO/d and PM3(tm) to HyperChem’s rich repertoire of semi-empirical quantum mechanical methods.


The new product lineup includes HyperChem Standard 5.1, HyperChem Professional 5.1, HyperChem Suite 5.1, and five variations of the HyperChem Lite version for students.   For the first time, Hypercube, Inc. is offering with one of the versions of HyperChem Lite, a fully electronic product downloadable from the World Wide Web.


HyperChem Standard, priced at $595 (academic version), is the entry-level version of the HyperChem Product. It includes the full array of computational methods, but does not have the ability to interface to outside programs such as ChemPlus, Q-Chem, or the Chemist's Developer Kit (CDK). HyperChem Professional adds to the Standard Product the Chemist’s Developer Kit, a set of tools that enables chemists to quickly construct an interface between HyperChem and their own chemical software programs.   It also offers customization and a full scripting language for advanced users. The HyperChem Suite includes HyperChem Professional plus a new release of ChemPlus. ChemPlus offers a rich set of modules for augmenting HyperChem and now includes HyperChem Data and HyperChem Raytrace.


HyperChem Standard 5.1 is available for $595 (Academic) and $895 (Commercial); HyperChem Professional is priced at $995 (Academic) and $1495 (Commercial); HyperChem Suite is priced at $1395 (Academic) and $1995 (Commercial); and pricing for HyperChem Lite is now the same for Academic and Commercial customers ranging from $49 to $99. Pricing for HyperChem Release 4.5 remains at $895 (Academic) and $1345 (Commercial).


Hypercube, Inc. is a privately held scientific software company incorporated in 1985 and headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Their principal business location is now in Gainesville, Florida. Hypercube’s principal product is HyperChem for Intel-based PCs running Microsoft Windows 95 or NT and machines from Silicon Graphics, Inc. Other products include HyperChem Lite, an introductory version of HyperChem; ChemPlus, a set of extensions to HyperChem; and HyperNMR, a package that performs a priori quantum mechanical simulation of NMR spectra.


HyperChem is a molecular modeling software product noted for its ease of use. It is a comprehensive desktop productivity tool for visualizing, analyzing and communicating information about molecular structures as well as for performing the calculations of computational chemistry. It is the leading molecular modeling software for the Microsoft Windows environment of IBM-compatible PCs.


HyperChem is a registered trademark of Hypercube, Inc. All other trade and product names mentioned are the service marks, trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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