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August 23, 1998

Boston, MA (ACS Conference) – Hypercube, Inc. announced that it is updating Release 5 of its HyperChem client-server products for UNIX platforms from Hewlett-Packard. These new releases will supply back ends for molecular mechanics, semi-empirical quantum mechanics and ab initio quantum mechanics calculations for HP computational servers, while the front end is the PC based HyperChem, Release 5. The back ends will be compatible with HP-UX 10.20.


With the availability of Release 5 of the back ends, a PC running HyperChem can transparently send out computationally intensive tasks to a Hewlett-Packard server on the network and then get back the results for further analysis. Thus, the superior visualization of HyperChem on the PC is combined with the speed of a computational UNIX server for even better performance.


The new releases are to be shipped to customers in the fourth quarter of 1998.


In addition, Hypercube, Inc. is currently developing a new product, PalmChem, to run on the Hewlett-Packard color palmtop PC as a client to Hewlett-Packard servers. PalmChem runs under the operating system Windows CE.


Hypercube, Inc. is a privately held scientific software company incorporated in 1985 and headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Their principal business location is now in Gainesville, Florida. Hypercube’s principal product is HyperChem for Intel-based PCs running Microsoft Windows 95 or NT and machines from Silicon Graphics, Inc. Other products include HyperChem Lite, an introductory version of HyperChem; ChemPlus, a set of extensions to HyperChem; and HyperNMR, a package that performs a priori quantum mechanical simulation of NMR spectra.


HyperChem is a molecular modeling software product noted for its ease of use. It is a comprehensive desktop productivity tool for visualizing, analyzing and communicating information about molecular structures as well as for performing the calculations of computational chemistry. It is the leading molecular modeling software for the Microsoft Windows environment of IBM-compatible PCs.


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